A major upgrade to Westchester County's Enterprise Resource Planning systems was completed in 2013. The upgrade included enhanced and new functionality as well as a migration to a more cost-effective platform, saving the county around $200,000 in hardware costs alone.

The upgraded systems now have more modern user screens, navigational features and additional functionality, including employee management, payroll processing and baseline budget enhancements that match the county’s specific requirements. In addition to improved functionality and cost savings, the upgrade has increased the availability of all ERP systems, thereby enhancing the county's business continuity and disaster recovery efforts.

Human Resources System
The Human Resources system tracks all employee transactions as well as processes payroll and enforces civil service and handle position control.  Each payroll interfaces directly into the County Financial system, described below.  The system includes a retroactive payment process that takes care of any necessary payment transactions due to retroactive personnel transactions or union contract settlements.  Other subsystem features include:

  • entering leave requests
  • viewing paychecks and annual W2s
  • tracking employee tuition reimbursement
  • collecting payments from retirees for health benefits.

Financial System
The Financial system handles all the county’s accounts payable, account receivable, purchasing and general accounting functions as well as produces annual vendor 1099s.   The system interfaces with various other county systems to make the appropriate financial transaction. Some of these systems to which it interfaces are the telephone billing system, New York State Social Services payment system and the county vehicle fleet management system.  The system also automatically creates and e-mails Purchase Orders, requisition forms and payment voucher forms.  These forms are created with the appropriate bar code included to expedite the scanning process.  This system is also used for mandatory annual Financial reporting like GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board).

Budget System
Performance Budget System is the county-wide system allowing departments to analyze and enter their budgets each year. The Budget Department uses this system for forecasting.  An interface from this system loads the annual County Budget into the Financial system and loads the new year position information into the County HR system.  The County budget book is also created from this system.