One of the greatest challenges facing public safety agencies is the ability to manage, analyze and share vital information horizontally with other agencies and vertically with other levels of government.  Westchester County’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) has met that challenge by developing an innovative and award-winning investigative tool known as the Shared Criminal Justice Data Warehouse.

A growing number of local and state users, including the New York State Police Department and New York State Division of Parole, can now quickly search through over a million data entries from agencies throughout the county to track down suspects and get them off the street. The database includes records from local and county police, the county jail and probation departments, as well as pistol permits and taxi and limousine records.

The objectives of the Shared Criminal Justice Data Warehouse were to:

  • provide easy "one-stop" access to criminal justice data across a broad spectrum of agencies;
  • promote greater cooperation and coordination within the public safety community;
  • enhance the productivity and efficiency of agency staff;
  • improve residents’ safety through quicker and more extensive criminal investigation.

Data Standards

The system was strategically built to federal criminal justice data standards to enable future partnerships with federal criminal justice agencies. An unfortunate part of data warehousing technology’s evolution has been the apparent absence of an overall plan for interconnecting these systems to create a more global criminal justice information network.

Recognizing this, Kelly Odestick, Assistant CIO of Westchester County for Criminal Justice, participated in the XML Working Committee, part of the New York State Criminal Justice XML Messaging Standards Project.  This collaborative multi-agency initiative brought together both state and local agencies and associations with the goal of establishing a New York state XML exchange standard for exchanging criminal justice data. As result of Ms. Odestick’s involvement in such groups, the Shared Criminal Justice Data Warehouse has stayed ahead of compliancy requirements and standards.  


Winner of Best of New York Award – IT Collaboration 

In recognition of DoIT’s Shared Criminal Justice Data Warehouse for demonstrating best IT collaboration among organizations; sponsored by the Center for Digital Government.