The technological and economical benefits from the Westchester Telecom project enjoyed by the government are passed on to its constituents.  list below are just a few:

Lower costs through pooled expenditures:

  • The more contract participants, the greater the volume discounts.

 Resource sharing:

  • Sharing information among municipalities and other government offices will provide a vast array of services, not only to those offices, but also to the public.
  • Better coordination during emergencies

Faster, more efficient services:

  • The network connection between offices has the capability of transmitting 15-100 times faster.
  • The county can take advantage of progressive changes in telecommunication and technology.

Reliability and redundancy:

  • There is little to no loss of service.
  • The high-speed backbone maximizes the ability of different levels of government to work together by providing a more seamless delivery of services.