County residents often don't even know they are benefiting from the Westchester Telecom project.  Here are some of the ways in which they do:

On-line document sharing and interactive materials:

  • Listings and applications for civil service jobs, building permits, and land records
  • Video and pictures to help deal with crises such as the West Nile Virus
  • Map-based information and directions to facilities

New videoconferencing capabilities:

  • allow real-time meetings with government representatives located miles away
  • available for residents at outreach centers such as local libraries or community-based organizations
  • eventually available at home

Residential Internet services:

  • faster
  • more reliable

 Expanded opportunities for businesses and community organizations:

  • Local companies can get faster Internet access and higher bandwidth for less than what they now pay for copper wire service.
  • Schools and libraries can help not only school-age kids, but also adults who increasingly need to make learning new skills a life-long experience.
  • Hospitals and the medical community can offer more effective consultation and new telemedicine services.
  • Fire and police departments will all be able to upgrade their voice, video and data capabilities, therefore improving on and expanding the services they can offer to the community.
  • The overall local government tax burden can be reduced by the increased sharing of back office services between the county and municipalities - for example, the Geographic Information System.