Westchester Telecom lays a foundation for future economic growth, by providing an infrastructure that is expandable to a wide variety of other possiblities. Listed below are just a few:

  • Distance learning can be available both to school-age children and adults
  • Traditional and digital media artists can hold video conferences with buyers in Europe, to present their work from within their studios
  • Access can be available to on-line courses for life-long learning, career counseling, GED, civil service exams and vocational training
  • Companies can download the details of available office space, including floor plans, pricing and pertinent area information
  • Hospitals can share critical treatment information with other local hospitals
  • Successful corporate relocations into Westchester County can result in a decrease in residential taxes
  • Wireless data communications may be more easily provided to improve our public safety workforce, including fire safety, police and public transportation
  • Small to medium-sized businesses can offer their products and services in an increasingly global market through e-commerce