The Westchester County Archives & Records Management Program (WESTARM) was developed over several years and has fundamentally improved the way Westchester County manages all inactive public records stored for over 50 Westchester County department and agencies.  It now has a companion – E-WESTARM – to be used to manage the electronic records of all departing county employees.  Westchester County’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) and Records Center staff worked collaboratively to develop this on-line open-source program to replace a manual, paper-based system for records management.

Since WESTARM’s initial implementation, the Records Center has seen improved outcomes including:

  • a more accurate inventory of paper records with consistently assigned retention periods;
  • the opportunity to readily identify records ready for destruction with more accuracy while requiring less staff time;
  • more efficient and precise measurement of Records Center performance benchmarks;
  • reduction of legal exposure for storage of records beyond their retention period;
  • improved warehouse space management; and
  • less dependence on the institutional memory of long-term warehouse employees.

E-WESTARM will provide similar benefits, in addition to allowing Westchester County to make more efficient use of valuable server/storage resources.


View screenshots of WESTARM here