Today, the Westchester Telecom Network is a leading-edge optical network delivering on its promise to:

  • boost accessibility to government services
  • improve telecommunications transmission quality and sophistication
  • reduce overall telecom costs
  • improve reliability
  • provide significant economic development incentives

Over 1000 miles long, the Lightpath optical network links facilities throughout the county with voice, video, high-speed data and Internet services.

The Westchester Telecom project has reaffirmed Westchester's position as a premier business location. Businesses enjoy the reliability and quality of an end-to-end fiber-based network built specifically for Westchester County from the first mile to the last mile. Westchester County's Office of Economic Development outlines the business benefits of joining our network.   

One outstanding benefit for participants is Cablevision's highly competitive telephone rates, which translate into big savings for the county and all those tapped into the network. Westchester County previously paid an average of $16 per month for each telephone line but now pays closer to $10 for each line. Additionally, the network now serves a majority of the county's 36 municipalities, saving them 25 percent on their telecom bills.  

As early as 1999, then Vice President Al Gore cited Westchester as the nation's first "Access America Community" for its pioneering work in developing an electronic network to connect town halls, schools, libraries, hospitals, and police and fire departments. Westchester has come a long way since 1999 and will continue to expand its network service.  

To learn more about Westchester Telecom, public sector organizations should contact Ana Hiraldo-Gomez, Manager of IT Shared Services, at (914) 995-5162 or via e-mail at