The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) touches every aspect of running an efficient, 21st century government organization, from the computers and phones on our desks to the program brochures we design and the machines they are printed on.

Over the past two decades we have automated nearly every county business function and streamlined processes that were previously manual, labor-intensive tasks. DoIT has generated new revenue and helped contain or reduce costs throughout the county by advancing smart solutions in all areas of operation. The applications, servers and miles of network relied upon by employees to do their jobs and departments to fulfill their missions are built, maintained and upgraded by dedicated DoIT staff day in and day out.

DoIT is a critical partner in Westchester County’s commitment to promoting a sustainable environment of innovation that delivers value to county residents. Long gone are the days when IT organizations are viewed as simply the provider of technical services. DoIT and the role of the CIO have both evolved to become an integral part in the planning and decision-making process in all areas of the county. IT is therefore core to the county’s governing philosophy, and moving forward we will strive to be an even closer partner to the Latimer Administration, the Board of Legislators and all stakeholder departments and agencies. Deeper collaboration and increased communication will spark new solutions to the challenges we face as one organization.

Indeed, DoIT has a long tradition of success and has established itself as one of the premier government IT agencies in the country, routinely ranking among the “Top 10” digital counties in the U.S. by the Center for Digital Government. DoIT faces many challenges but the department continues to shine because of the committed and capable staff that have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of their user departments and deliver the high level of customer service and support they have come to expect.

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