As part of its ongoing effort to lower costs, boost efficiency and reduce the duplication of services, the county is making its digital printing services available to municipalities, schools and special districts in Westchester County.

Here's how to initiate a print request:

  • To obtain a print job price quote, the customer will request an electronic DoIT print request by sending an e-mail to: The section of the form detailing the request should be completed and sent back to the same address along with the final proof read copy of the print job. Charges for printing services will be based on costs as listed in the current DoIT Print Rate card. (Updated rates to be published soon.)

  • The print request form will include information such as: number of copies, paper size, weight of paper, color of paper, number of Sides – single or duplex, type of finishing, individual contact information for the job (name, title, department, phone number, email address, etc.), billing information.

  • The following document formats will be accepted: PDF, WORD, EXCEL or Powerpoint.

  • DoIT will evaluate the job and provide pricing via the same print request form. The municipality, school or special district will then return the form with the “Approval to Print” section of the form filled out. 

  • A sample will be provided for approval prior to the entire job being run. The contact person indicated on the form will be notified when the sample is ready. The sample can be faxed if it is less than 5five pages. If it is greater than five pages, it will need to be picked up at the County Office Building. 

  • Any changes to the original print request must be made electronically via the print request form. Changes will not be accepted via phone, fax or other means.

  • Once the sample is approved, the customer will e-mail indicating that the sample is approved and that DoIT should now run the entire job.

  • When the job has been run and boxed, the customer will be notified to pick up the printed copies at the County Office Building. Completed jobs can be picked up on the 3rd Floor, Room 300 of the County Office Building, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Turnaround time for a print job once the sample is approved will be one to three days.

  • A completed invoice will be issued by DoIT upon completion of the job and payment will be due at the time of pick up.

Note: DoIT is not responsible for errors made by the municipality, school or special district in selecting and/or defining the print format; nor is the DoIT responsible for the accuracy of any content being provided. The copy being provided must be in final format. This service is strictly a print function; all content, spelling, document text formatting, graphics, etc. is the responsibility of the customer. DoIT will not provide the following services: editing, reformatting of text or any graphics work and/or customization for the job submitted. The county reserves the right to refuse to print jobs, such as political material. We strongly suggest you designate one person in your organization to contact us, as this may be most efficient.