Please note: As of Oct. 19, 2022, the WestchesterShares Portal is unavailable due to site maintenance. Westchester County DoIT is making improvements to the site to serve municipalities better. DoIT's Shared Services program is still active and you may submit an inquiry about any of the services listed below by completing the WestchesterShares Interest form.

Westchester County is committed to a robust shared services program designed to help municipalities, school districts and other municipal entities save money, increase efficiency and reduce duplication of services. The county’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) provides many shared services and contracting opportunities, including but not limited to e-mail and smartphone services, network management, graphic design and printing, IT training classes and GIS-related services. 

In addition, the county has secured highly competitive offerings on behalf of municipalities through contracts with Cablevision Lightpath for telecommunications services and Connecticut Business Systems (CBS) for Xerox multifunction equipment. The savings provided to municipalities or districts through these offerings are very significant. The county realizes the importance of these services and is making every effort to continue to provide them at a discounted rate, or in many cases, no cost at all.

See below for complete details regarding all available IT shared services and programs. We look forward to working with you and welcome your suggestions for additional services to consider offering in the future. If you're looking for other possible savings, go to our countywide shared services section.

IT Shared Services and Programs:

Digital Printing Services

Contact: Dennis Gochuico, Manager of IT Shared Services
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 995-2885 /

The county now offers digital printing services to municipalities, schools and special districts in Westchester County. DoIT's print shop facility is equipped to handle large scale print job processing in a variety of formats, including tri-fold brochures, large documents bound in book form, bi-fold pamphlets, etc. Charges for printing services will be based on county costs as listed in the current DoIT Print Rate Card. Find complete details about this service, including a step-by-step description of the process and the completion of the print request form, for initiating a print request.

Network and Office System Services

Contact: Dennis Gochuico, Manager of IT Shared Services
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 995-2885 /

WAN Management
(Wide Area Network)

DoIT can manage WAN environments for municipalities, schools and special districts if data circuits are secured as part of the shared Cablevision Lightpath contract. DoIT will provide firewall services to block outside parties from gaining access to local resources and manage network services through the monitoring of network connections and potential problems.

DNS (Domain Name Services)  

DoIT can provide domain name(s) hosting services for existing domain names as well as purchase new ones for municipalities, schools and special districts

E-mail Services

For DoIT WAN managed sites only:  DoIT will create and manage email accounts for specified domain(s). DoIT offers uptime monitoring, initial implementation support, appropriate backups and support via our Help Desk and/or Education Center. DoIT will also provide a Web-based interface to the e-mail accounts, allowing remote access to e-mail.

Smartphone Services

For hosted email accounts: DolT will assign a smartphone license and establish an account on our server for each device you request. The account will be linked to your County e-mail account; and all e-mail, calendar entries and contacts will be automatically updated in real time on the device as soon as events are recorded in your Outlook account.

GIS Services

Contact: Ana Hiraldo-Gomez, Assistant CIO - GIS
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 995-5162 /  

Community Mapping


DoIT’s GIS Team can provide technical assistance and guidance to local municipalities, community groups/nonprofits, schools, and libraries for a variety of GIS-related services and training. 

These services include:                                                                            

  • Assist in the development of online mapping applications using the industry’s leading technology.
  • Provide assess to Westchester County GeoHub and ArcGIS Online web mapping applications. 
  • Access web map services, and interactive mapping applications.
  • Guidance on Mobile mapping programs.
  • Recommendations and design of key GIS database development efforts
  • Guidance on Tax map maintenance strategies.
  • Technical Support and User Training.
  • GIS Project and Consultant Selection/Management.
  • Recommendations on CAD and GPS Development/Integration.
  • Support to Standing GIS Committees, Working Groups, etc.

Criminal Justice Services

Lieutenant Michael Cindrich, Westchester County Dpt. Of Public Safety Information Systems Unit
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 864-7904 / 

Shared Criminal Justice Data Warehouse The Criminal Justice Warehouse is a Web-based investigative tool  that allows critical criminal justice data to be easily searched from multiple sources that contain well over a million records. Available data sources include county jail and probation data, county and municipal electronic fingerprint/arrest system (criminal & civil) data, New York State Parole, and county police cand criminal data.

RICI (Repository for Integrated Criminal Information)

CAPS (Civil Applicant Processing System)

A Criminal (RICI) and Civil (CAPS) Electronic Fingerprint Submission system that allows county and municipal agencies to submit fingerprints to the state and federal government and obtain identification verification and criminal history details for an individual. Criminal checks are processed within an hour and civil checks within 24 hours.

Emergency Services 

Contact: Linda Luddy
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 231-1700 /

Fire and EMS Primary Dispatch Services   The Fire and EMS Primary Dispatch Services systems are available to the county’s fire and EMS agencies that are dispatched by the county’s Department of Emergency Services, Emergency Communications Center (also known as 60 Control).   
Westchester EMS Hospital Diversion System   The Westchester EMS Hospital Diversion System allows hospitals to put themselves on diversion for a period of time with safeguards in place to prevent too many hospitals serving a community from all going on diversion at the same time. The Web application updates the Computer Aided Dispatch system allowing 911 dispatchers to have current information at all times and quickly send notifications to transporting ambulances. The system can send notification by e-mail, fax or alphanumeric messaging to EMS agencies when a specific hospital changes its diversion status. This dashboard is viewable by the region’s EMS agencies and dispatch centers. They can access the site and monitor transport destinations that may be full, or have limited services available for the patients being transported. 
Special Needs Registry  The Departments of Emergency Services and DoIT developed a web-based Special Needs Registry to record information on individuals that would require assistance should an evacuation be ordered. Citizens can register directly online or they can call 211 to have an operator enter the data (using the same application) for them. Currently the municipalities work with DES to get the list of registered individuals in their area, but soon, they will be able to accomplish this online without the assistance of DES.    

County Clerk Services

Contact: Larenna Robertson, Program Administrator, County Clerk Operations
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 995-3085 /

County Clerk's Westchester Records Online (WRO)  The County Clerk’s Westchester Records Online is made available to all Westchester County municipalities. WRO is a web-based application through which a customer can find data about and images of documents ranging from deeds to maps to summons filed in the Office of the Westchester County Clerk.  Our partners in government are provided with free access to all public images as well as access to documents not available to the public, such as real property tax forms.
County Clerk’s Weekly Deed Abstracts Report   The County Clerk’s Weekly Deed Abstracts Reports are accessed through a custom-built module in Westchester Records Online designed for local tax assessors.

Archives and Records Management Services

Contact: Chris Gratzel, Westchester County Archives & Records Center
Tel. and e-mail: (914) 231-1504 /

Archival Storage Vaults Environmentally protected archival storage vaults may be used to store a local government’s unique and intrinsically valuable records, accompanied by expert cataloging to promote improved public access. For example, the Bedford Town Clerk has a historic land deed from the late 1600s that was printed on vellum and is currently stored in our Archival vaults (a scanned copy of the deed was provided to them). Historically valuable municipal records benefit from enhanced security, fire protection, professional cataloging, and increased availability, without the municipalities having to provide these services themselves. Please Note: This is only for historical documents that are at least 75 years old to be stored in the Archives’ vaults. This does NOT include any kind of box storage in the Records Center for records with retention schedules that are created in the daily course of business.
Specialized Scanning Services  Expert systems and trained personnel are equipped to provide specialized scanning services to scan a local government’s rare books and documents. Best practice and archival guidelines for digitization are met to ensure high-quality scans, preservation of the images on the county’s state-of-the-art server system, and eventual migration to the next level of technology.