The Records Center currently houses approximately 131,000 cubic feet of government records that are stored in two warehouses, one that is adjacent to the Archives, the other at 375 Executive Boulevard, Elmsford. These inactive records have met the following two criteria:

  • They are consulted once a month or less.
  • Although more than six years old, they have not yet reached their destruction date as stipulated by the current New York State Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.

The program employs four full-time staffers, who schedule records for transfer, deliver them upon departmental request, and interfile those records returned for safekeeping.

A member of the public who seeks a particular record must apply to the department of that record’s origination, not to the Records Center, as the Records Center is not open to the public.

Each department head is required by county law to appoint at least one Records Coordinator to act as liaison between the records management program and the department. The records management program provides direction for Records Coordinators in training meetings held throughout the year and through an Information and Training Manual.

In addition, the Records Center provides confidential destruction of records that have reached the end of their retention period.